A Dizzy Affair

“Because A Dizzy Affair is a silent film, there are certainly times when you are left to construct the dialogue within your own mind even as you watch the actors mouthing words. It’s a unique yet effective approach that makes this film one of those rare experimental shorts that actually works.”

The Independent Critic

“Great soundtrack!. For a silent film, music occupies much of the action, and in this case, the songs used followed very well the whole movement of the film, with a light touch of “street” and drama.”

The Tweet Radar

Night Job

“I’ll give it four and a quarter out of five. It’s a wonderful slice of life film that ranges from zany to bittersweet and back again, each encounter shaking things up in new ways.”

Movie Critic Next Door

“Victoriously witty, graceful, funny and inspiring; a tour de force that onlookers will delight in seeing.”

A Word Of Dreams

“Night Job is amusing and gives the audience a wide range of quirky characters.”

Mike’s Film Talk

“The action is non-stop. No sooner has one character left than the next actor in the sprawling cast wanders in.”

Scott’s Movies

“An enjoyable mix of Woody Allen and Robert Altman, Four Rooms and Clerks, but with enough creativity behind it to make a totally original film out of this blend!”

(re)Search My Trash

“Night Job is a solid, entertaining and fun first attempt by J. Antonio and crew, and I look forward to seeing more of his works in the future. So, out of TOV 5 stars, I’m giving Night Job a 4.”

The Other View

“…overall this is quite a funny kind of noir film that brings us quite a collection of characters.”

Reviews by Amos Lassen