"Great soundtrack! For a silent film, music occupies much of the action, and in this case , the songs used followed very well the whole movement of the film, with a light touch of "street" and drama."

The Tweet Radar

 "Because A Dizzy Affair is a silent film, there are certainly times when you are left to construct the dialogue within your own mind even as you watch the actors mouthing words. It's a unique yet effective approach that makes this film one of those rare experimental shorts that actually works."

The Independent Critic


A Dizzy Affair

"The film shows us more than meets the eye. An entire perspective about the other side. What happens if we crossover? What happens if we don't? Where are we? Where are we going after? These are a few questions that you will probably be asking yourself at the end of the film."

- Rodz Williams, The Tweet Radar