J. Antonio is a filmmaker from Jamaica, Queens. Using the Seventh Art, his vision is to connect with the disconnected. He grew up mostly an outcast and as a constant observer, he took notes on society and wanted to someday tell the stories of all the accounts he witnessed. Through the Sacred9Films brand, he wishes to represent the ills of society while sending a positive message and giving hope to those who feel no one understands their plight.

Sacred9Films Productions





8 pm 10/14/14

A Dizzy Affair

"Great soundtrack! For a silent film, music occupies much of the action , and in this case , the songs used followed very well the whole movement of the film , with a light touch of "street" and drama."

The Tweet Radar

 "Because A Dizzy Affair is a silent film, there are certainly times when you are left to construct the dialogue within your own mind even as you watch the actors mouthing words. It's a unique yet effective approach that makes this film one of those rare experimental shorts that actually works."

The Independent Critic